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College Confidential leverages the power of community with the largest college forum in the world, access to 3,800+ college profiles, including virtual campus tours, and expert guidance to help students and families navigate the college admissions process. College Confidential is refactored to maximize navigation capabilities for users and help students and families find tools and resources for college planning. On the backend, schools are able to customize their online presence. Students are able to share their stats and information to get an estimated score for their chance to get into select colleges using AI-calculated prediction.


UI/UX design

Software development

Product management





Providing an intuitive solution to help students and families find tools and information to help them on their college admissions journey, understand the admissions process, prepare and research to find schools that fit them best and navigate their options. Students and families are able to research, select and sort colleges that suit them best.

goals & opportunity

College Confidential is aimed to help users learn more about colleges before creating a curated selection, predict admissions chances, find financial aid resources and attendance cost details, review admissions results data, seek guidance and support from the community and much more

Find colleges that fit you best.

By providing over 3,800+ college profiles, students and families can discover details that help them on their planning journey. Selecting options based on their desired state, GPA, SAT and ACT scores is one step into exploring and finding the right college.

Strong visual elements to guide UX.

We’ve upgraded visual elements to match brand vision and support users in navigating and engaging with the tools and resources.

College search made easy.

Finding the best fit college doesn’t need to be overwhelming. By implementing different UX and backend changes we maximized the space and capabilities that students can use to filter their college search, quickly find the most important facts, find additional details, see AI-predicted admissions chances, save a school to their favorites and add a status to sort multiple colleges.

Value & Outcome

Concentrical expanded functionalities and tools that students and families can use to easily navigate the college admissions journey resulting in increased user engagement and the most prominent community focused on college admissions. We successfully developed a solution providing deep college insights, refined recommendations, and financial aid info, boosting engagement and strengthening College Confidential leadership in admissions advice.

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